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How to Apply Direct Marketing to a Mortgage Mailing List

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Direct marketing is one of the most reliable and productive ways to reach consumers, to motivate them into believing in a product or service, and finally influencing them to make a purchasing decision. Mortgage professionals who offer loan services and programmes recognise this as a viable option to turn their resources to, opening new channels of revenue and leveraging on the phenomenon of more and more people turning to direct marketing as full time profession. Once you have a mortgage mailing list, you must know how to apply direct marketing to it.

Needs identification. This depends entirely on the programmes and services that you have decided to leverage on. The mortgage and subprime markets are awash with individuals who need services ranging from debt/equity mortgage, the renters market and so much more. Potential mortgage brokers must be aware of the valuable connection between product and person. Providers of such loan services have always realised the importance of mailing lists and how they can provide that added enhancement to mortgage prospecting, targeting the right audience, and finally finding the ‘one’ that will definitely be eligible for the loan programme.

Once you have identified the groups of potential prospects, you must act upon it. Industry experts advice that messages, copy, content and even brand messages (and names) have to be tailored to the sort consumers that are being targeted. I have always agreed that personalised marketing messages always attract the customer’s attention. This is an element of direct marketing that is sometimes overlooked and marginalised by the constant need to get the message across to as many people as possible. Remember, loan services and programmes for the mortgage and sub prime markets are not in the same category as consumer goods or lifestyle services, they require an added sincerity and personalisation, as well as more individual time and effort before someone can ultimately agree to a loan programme.

One thing that is also overlooked is the quality of the mortgage mailing lists involved. Many companies offer mortgage lists – compiled from their own expertise – and sell them to direct marketers and mortgage brokers. The database should be highly targeted and should have gone through many levels of checks and balances to ensure its integrity and value to the buyer. Especially for mortgage mailing lists, the database should pinpoint households based on mortgage loan elements, range of properties, the estimated value of the property, interest rate changes, and every aspect of the loan taken (for the household).

This is just an example, but now you realise the field of possibilities and criterion that have to be judged and weighed before anyone can be identified and marked as a potential customer. Be smart when applying direct marketing methods to mortgage mailing lists and always remember the importance of a sincere approach. About getting quality lists? Many websites offer services that go beyond just giving a list that is highly targeted – they provide high quality and profitable lists for the direct marketer – whatever the industry.

So these are just some of the points on how to effectively use direct marketing on mortgage mailing lists. As you go alone, you’ll learn more and more and become more adept at what you do – as is the case for almost anything in the world today.

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3 Ways Your Direct Marketing Efforts Will Skyrocket With a Direct Marketing Services Company

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If you sell your products via email, direct mail or telemarketing, then you will want to look into direct marketing services companies because they can significantly increase your sales. These companies can help your company to persuade your prospects to buy your product, support a charitable cause or organization, or agree to a demonstration in their home.

Direct Mail

For decades the most popular kind of direct marketing has been direct mail. Direct mail pieces motivate your prospects to do what you want by combining engaging copy, high quality printing, and compelling images, with an intriguing offer.

One of the keys to the success of a direct mail marketing campaign is being able to design a mailer that will get opened. Knowledgeable direct marketing services companies will hire professional designers, printers, copywriters, and photographers to ensure that your piece has the highest probability of being opened, read, and acted upon.

Here’s an example of how it might be done.

A pizza chain features a photograph of a slice of mouth-watering pizza, dripping with cheese and topped with succulent morsels. They include a discount coupon for you to give to your local pizzeria or to the delivery person when he brings your pizza pie to your doorstep.


You can use a direct marketing services company to train your telemarketers to effectively present your prospects to market anything from high school photos to vacuum cleaners. Interestingly, the goal of most telemarketing efforts is not to make a sale.

Instead you will want your telemarketers aim to make an appointment for your sales team to make an in home presentation.

Direct marketing services agencies usually develop effective scripts that are not hard sell sales pitches. The heart of many of these scripts is to offer the consumer a discount on a product or service.

Telemarketers might engage people by using a quiz or asking them to answer a few simple questions that could result in their winning a gift.

Your telemarketers will be more effective and will have fewer hang ups if are trained to deliver well written scripts that offer some kind of a monetary incentive to the prospects on your list. Often the most effective lists are those that include people who have bought a similar product in the past. A direct marketing services company will help you to get these lists.

Email Marketing

A relatively new strategy for targeting direct promotions is email marketing. Today almost every one of your prospects owns a computer and gets email. A permission based email campaign will allow you to send multiple messages to your email lists. It’s one of the lowest cost methods of instantly keeping your customers and prospects informed about pricing, sales, and new products.

One of the great things about email marketing is that you can have instantaneous feedback You can include surveys, contests, and actually ask your customers what type of product they would want your company to make. How much do you thing information like that can increase your bottom line?

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Why You Should Market Your Business 1 Product At A Time

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There are about 1001 ways to market your business, but you should know that only a handful of these techniques will bring you the most customers. When marketing your products, one thing that you don’t want to do is bombard your customers with a flurry of products. Stick to successfully marketing 1 of your products first, and then when that’s done, do the same thing for another product.

You have to think about it like this. Have you every heard of the restaurant Zaxby’s? Well I go there all the time, and there are a few of them in my city. So one day I got to thinking, “I wonder if they tried to build all 3 locations on a daily basis?” The answer that I came up with is no.

My guess is that they started off with 1 location and see if the business would do well in the area, and when business started taking off, the performed the same test in another area of my city. There are Zaxby’s all over the place outside of my city, and even though there are so many different restaurants, they all started out by marketing their businesses one by one.

You should consider doing the same thing for your customers. You never want to promote a ton of products at once – as this will only confuse people. Stick with marketing one product at a time, get new customers from this one product, get them to refer and buy some more, and then (and only then), you should consider selling another product related to your niche.

This is the easiest way to go about marketing your products and services. However if you still want to try marketing all of your products at once, then give it a shot. I know you may be thinking that you will follow the business model of eBay and Amazon, but trust me when I tell you, you will lose a lot of money in the process. So stick with marketing one product at a time.

Like I said, there are a ton of ways to promote your products and services, but only a few of them will work for you if you let them. The last thing you want to do is to start using brand advertising, and end up losing huge sums of money in the process because you don’t know the backend marketing plan of brand advertising.

If you want to have success in your business, there are all kinds of places to look. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to make this happen – you just have to keep your marketing engines in full gear, ready to scoop up any new leads and customers that it can find.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the kind of success that you dream of in your business. Once you put them into use, you’ll find yourself having more success than you’ve ever made before.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success as possible in your business.

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Four Steps to Creating Powerful Direct Mail Promotions

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The simple formula I’ll reveal in this article can be your #1 secret strategy for getting the very best prospects in your marketplace to do business with you. Some of these steps may sound familiar, because I’ve mentioned them in my other articles, but they all bear re-emphasis.

Let’s dive right in.

Step #1: The marketplace is more important than the product or service. Yes, what you sell is important; it plays a role in your sales strategy, obviously, because it’s what people are buying. But if you don’t start out by thoroughly understanding your marketplace first, then no amount of good products or services will cure that. You have to have an excellent understanding of who you’re selling to, and that’s much more important than the exact products and services you sell.

Step #2: Whenever you can, write your sales material first, based on the biggest wants, hopes and fears of your marketplace. This assumes you’re offering something like information marketing; if you sell a widget and it already exists, obviously that’s not a possibility. But if you sell paper-and-ink, audio, or Internet-based information products of any kind, this is a very important step for you.

Once you’ve done all you can to create that perfect sales letter, you have an ideal blueprint for creating your product. Suppose you’ve written a letter that promises your prospects 10 things if they do business with you. Those 10 things become the outline for creating your product. Whatever you’re writing — a book, a course, or audio program — use the sales letter as a guide to deliver all those things to your customer. When they receive your product later, they’ll have everything you promised them.

Step #3 is to make the biggest promises you can while still being believable. Credibility is crucial. It doesn’t matter whether you can do something or not; if people don’t believe you can, you might as well leave it out. You must be able to verify a claim, or you’ll hurt sales by including it. Just because something can be done, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to tell them you’ll do it — unless you can make them see themselves receiving that benefit.

Step #4: Include specific information to make the offer more believable. Generalities are too vague to make people believe; specifics will help you close the sales. Use facts, figures, testimonials, and similar strategies to verify that what you’re saying is true. This helps build trust with your marketplace and helps them feel confident doing business with you.

That’s the basic four-step formula. It works especially well if you’re creating information products, but can be adapted to anything. Just start out with a marketplace in mind, study it so thoroughly that you understand what that marketplace wants the most, then offer to give it to them. If you can deliver, you’ll never want for money.

The most important factor here is trust. They have to trust you at all levels, or they won’t give you their business. Once you say something that they feel is a lie, they’re going to stop reading your mail. They have to like and trust you, and trust is the more important of the two. Verify your claims. Don’t just say they can make $10,000 a month; show them how. Show them how, if they make $10,000 a month, $50,000 is a possibility. Having customers who are already making that kind of money is an even stronger argument. Ask them for testimonials and include those testimonials in your copy. As long as people trust you, they’ll give you their money — especially if you stand behind your claims.

Local businesses can offer guarantees. There’s a well-known car dealer in the San Diego area who says, “Buy this used car from us, take it home, test drive it, kick the tires, do everything you want with it — and if you don’t like it in seven days, bring it back and you owe nothing.” That’s a promise most used car salesmen would never make, because you’re telling people they can have a free car for a week. I suspect they qualify their customers very well first. Apparently this offer has made them a lot of money.

If you’re a dentist or chiropractor, you can guarantee your work. If somehow a tooth breaks off or the partial plate isn’t right, you’ll do it over anyway; so why not guarantee it? That makes it sound better. Likewise with any product or service you’re selling. If you can guarantee it, do so, because it builds trust. When you’re dealing with a plumber who guarantees his work, you feel very good about the plumber — and this works for all kinds of other services and for many products.

The most important step is #2: Create your sales material first. I realize that some people may think this is insane, yet nothing could be smarter — because customers are really buying the benefits, not the product or service. They’re after the perceived results based on the promises you make to them. This works better for some products and services, but again, you can pretty much do this with any service. There are so many intangible aspects to a service, and all kinds of shortcuts, strategies and insights you can use to jumpstart the process. People buy benefits. Creating sales material first will produce a tremendous number of sales.

And remember, prospect knowledge is more important than product knowledge. Just know what people want. Get in their heads and find that out, because again, people buy benefits, not features. A benefit is the emotional end result they can get if they buy your product or service. You can load it up with lots of benefits, make lots of promises — and then get busy scrambling like crazy, trying to figure out how you can fulfill on all of those promises. Think outside the box!

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Making Money on Line – Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales

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Many seem to interchange multi-level marketing and direct sales. Although they can be similar, they are not exactly the same. They are both excellent options for helping you make money especially if you want to earn cash at home. But it is important to understand the difference between the two to know how each can relate to your home based businesses. By thoroughly learning these marketing strategies, you will be able to play with them according to your business’ strengths and needs.Direct selling is moving the products via manufacturer to consumers using methods like door-to-door, facial workshops, or whatever way that will involve selling a product directly-using neither a middleman nor a sponsor. In home based businesses, this will often translate to selling directly online. Direct sales is an independent sort of business in which case you will be paid a straight percentage. Sometimes, a seller is even asked to hold his own inventory. Often, however, all that a seller in direct sales needs to do is to make sure that the market will find the merchandise by using link or pages. It is as straightforward as it can get. The ultimate goal in direct sales to that you got to be selling. Period.Meanwhile, multi-level marketing is more complicated in that it refers to dealing with a compensation structure when products are moved. This means that commission (depending on rank or position) is paid to distributors. For example, let us say that you have just signed up with a company to be a sales representative. When you sign up, you are given a sponsor who will work as your contact with the company and will be providing you with the support you need to learn the works. You will find that a percentage of your sales will be credited to your sponsor. When it is your turn to become sponsor, you recruit a party to sell your products, and so the party becomes members of your “down line”. The money you will make will eventually come from the sales you get from your own customers, as well as from your down line’s customers.For home based businesses, both forms of marketing strategies make a fair amount of profit. But make sure that you take time to list down the pros and cons about these two and what each will provide to your business or company. Think about which approach will work for you? Will the two work well together or is choosing only one the best strategy? Some may say that multi-level marketing means more money, but for some, they want a less complicated marketing strategy. In the end, though, remember that your choice will reflect the manner in which you want to earn cash at home.

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How Keeping Up With Industry News Can Help Any Business – Even Direct Marketers

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Last night after a good meal and some pleasant family time I found myself with a spare and very rare hour to myself. As I debated between taking a nice aromatic bath or reading my backlog of industry newsletters, my thirst for knowledge won out.For someone who has spent more than twenty years in marketing and client services, I never turn away the chance to find out more about direct marketing. It never ceases to amaze me how companies and advertisers are able to find new and unique marketing methods to directly market to both businesses and consumers. That is why spending time reading industry news is part of my daily job.Industry articles, newsletters and whitepapers are wonderful tools. Anyone in business can benefit from reading them. Remaining stagnant with your industry knowledge only serves to allow your clients to look elsewhere for the help they need. And you would have only yourself to blame. You expect your doctor to constantly keep abreast of new and cutting edge procedures and medicines. Why not do the same yourself?Recently I was reading a paper by Robert Bly entitled “Secrets of Successful Business to Business Direct Marketing”. He makes some interesting and thought provoking testaments thanks to his many years in marketing. In one section he expounds:”The business buyer is an information seeker, constantly on the lookout for information and advice that can help the buyer do the job better, increase profits, or advance his career.”I cannot disagree with that. Direct marketing business to business is very different from direct marketing business to consumer. Drip marketing is very effective when marketing to a business as most will purchase a product or service after a long period of research. Consumers however are impulse buyers and one offer is all they need to see before whipping out the credit card. Where we disagree however is when he states:”Don’t be afraid to write long copy in mailers, ads, and fulfillment brochures. Prospects will read your message – if it is interesting, important, and relevant to their needs.”Sorry Robert, but most purchasing agents and company owners that I have dealt with over the years are consumers at heart. They purchase needed materials and services the same way a consumer would: what gives me the best value for my money. Directly marketing to them with an overload of information will have them tossing that mailer in the trash or deleting your email with the click of a button.Whether a company uses direct marketing to attract another business or a consumer, always make sure your advertising makes the recipient want to know more. Show them where they can find out by directing them to a website, opting in through an email or responding with a return reply card. THEN send your brochure or booklet full of information.When using direct marketing to a business, always be professional, knowledgeable and concise. Grab the buyer’s attention and lure them into finding out more. Your bottom line will thank you for it.There are many more pieces of information in Robert’s report that have me thinking. Direct marketing experts like him are a wealth of knowledge. I have many more articles yet to read too. Who knows what I might still learn. If I do I will be sure to share.

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Don’t Read This If You’re Happy With Your Direct Mail Campaigns

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It’s a well known fact in business to business circles; direct mail campaigns aren’t pulling in the results they used to. Now more than ever, direct marketers have to figure out more inventive ways to get their envelopes opened.

When a prospect picks up your envelope, together with his other post, he spends less than three seconds assessing whether or not to open it. Naturally, this problem means that direct marketers are tempted to “spill the beans” on the envelope; pushing their features and benefits, even the offer. This is a big mistake.

The envelope has one role and one role only; to carry the items it contains within it to the person to whom the envelope is addressed. That’s it. The resulting fact has forced copywriters to dream up inventive ways to tease, and entice prospects to open the envelope, and read the sales copy within.

Facing that same dilemma, one company decided to conduct a number of B to B and B to C envelope tests, to discover which pulled in the better result. Envelopes with teaser copy and offers on the outside or envelopes with nothing but the return addressed on the back.

What they discovered:

They discovered that when the reader couldn’t determine what the offer inside was, they felt they were missing out on something great, and were more inclined to open the envelope. They felt these feelings more acutely, if the envelope was sent by a brand they knew very well or had a good long standing reputation with. The reader also wanted to know the offer first before deciding whether or not to reject it.

There are some fantastic lessons to be learned here, namely…

Simple is Best

No copy on the envelope. You may not be a big brand name but it’s never a good idea to spell out your offer to a list who doesn’t know you – yet. It’s like asking a girl to marry you on your first date. You’d never do that. Timing is everything in relationships. It’s no different in direct mail. When building that all important long term relationship – easy does it, is key.

Make it Personal:

You know how you feel when you receive a letter that is addressed, “To the Owner” or “To Whom it May Concern”. If you send similar envelopes to your prospects, you can guess how they’ll feel. Go the extra mile to find out your prospect’s name, title, and make sure both are spelled correctly.

Address their Names by Hand

If you take the time to hand write their names, then some of your list will take the time to open your envelope, and read what’s inside. Nothing makes a bigger or better impression then handwritten notes, and envelopes. It’s these personal touches that add style, and class to any envelope, and indeed to any company. By deciding to write their names by hand, you put your company at a higher level then the rest, and guarantee long term faithful clients.

Put your Logo on the Envelope:

If you’re marketing to a list that knows you very well, and is, as far as you know, very happy with your service. Then put your logo on the front top left hand corner of your envelope or discreetly on the back flap.

Then, they’re more likely to open your envelope because, like the company in the example, they could be missing out on something great, and want to read about it before making the decision to disregard it.

Test, Test, Test

Before embarking on any campaign, it’s important to test your envelope, and everything on your envelope until you’re sure you have the right combination that will go a long way to enticing your prospect to open it.

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Daily Online Network Marketing Tips

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While I am certainly not one to “poo poo” the idea of building offline (that’s how I built my business for years) there is nothing like the internet. The possibility of tapping into millions upon millions of people all day every day, oooh the possibilities are endless!Here’s a few tips to bring you out of the “dark ages” and into the modern times of prospecting your way to a successful Online Network Marketing business.Tip #1: Generate Leads
Buying generic MLM leads from companies is a quick way to go BROKE. Why? Because they are not targeted to you or your opportunity, they are overpriced, and without the highest level of prospecting and closing skills – good luck in trying to close them.In this new economy, what we’re seeing with leads is that many of these $5-10 fresh leads are actually just looking for a job. What a great way to waste an afternoon, trying to pitch someone who has a “job” mentality to invest a few hundred or a few thousand into a business. Conversion is very low and duplication is next to nill.Tip #2: Funneled Campaign
Once you start generating leads through content and advertising, you’ll want a back end campaign set up where you leads can be funneled into. Imagine for the rest of time, you have an interested, qualified prospect that you can repeatedly build a relationship with!Tip #3: Auto-responder
An email marketing software like GetResponse or Aweber allows you to leverage time and energy by communicating with thousands of leads all at once via email. Every successful Online Network Marketing professional utilizes an autoresponder.Tip #4: Laser Focused Target Market
Know who your real market is, and without a doubt: market directly to the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Meaning: Don’t sell cosmetics to football players!Once you’ve taken these four tips, your eyes should be opened to the infinite possibilities you have within an Online Network Marketing enterprise. Build a streamlined, easy to duplicate funnel that pulls leads out of the masses and drops them dead center into your marketing campaign. You can control and feed them the information for the rest of time…Which is like building a straight path to domination in your company’s compensation plan!

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Permission Based Marketing – Best ROI

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Anybody reading this that has followed me for any length of time, knows that my background is that of a merchant services rep (credit card processing). I’ve been involved in this industry for well over a decade and have serviced hundreds of merchants from coast to coast. Over the years, I have assisted and discovered marketing ideas and tools that merchants utilize to expose their business to the masses and increase their traffic, and subsequently, their profits.My business has transformed over the years to be more “full service” as a merchant services guy. I’ve taken the job description a bit more literally as I have truly helped merchants with a variety of “services” not just credit card processing. You see, I’m really about building on long-term relationships, not simply “doing business” or “getting the sale”. The only way that I know to do that is to sincerely take an interest in my merchants and doing all I know to do to help them grow their business and increase their bottom line.The “services” I’ve recommended and assisted my merchants with has really covered a variety of methodologies. Many years ago, when gift cards showed up on the scene, I was one of the early adopters in demonstrating the wide variety of uses for them, with simplified reporting in comparison to gift certificates. Most of my merchants that were introduced to that medium are still using them successfully today. Merchants have plenty of things on their plate to deal with daily so, because of our “relationship” they often contact me to see if I know of a software or hardware system or tool of sorts that will help them more efficiently or profitably do such and such. They know that I will take the time to research for them and recommend my top picks. Whether it be the best salon, restaurant, retail software or a creative Check Guarantee system for auto repair facilities, my merchants know that I stay on top of this stuff for them and they can rely on me to steer them in the right direction.But, the purpose of this article is not to pat myself on the back or promote myself but to bring to your attention something that most every type of merchant can benefit from. It’s called “permission based marketing”. Now this could relate to several things but most often it will pertain to email and text based marketing. This is where a customer or not yet customer of yours, has “opted-in” (or given you permission to market directly to them) to your database saying it is okay with them for you to send them coupons, deals, discounts, offers, etc. What better market could you have to advertise to? These are people that like what you have to offer but hey, everybody is looking for a deal of sorts so why not capitalize on that. You could improve on a slow traffic day, promote a new or overstocked product, run a contest or survey or whatever comes to mind. The ideas are limited only by your imagination.Let’s consider other forms of marketing pieces you may have used in the past. Do you put coupons in weekly or monthly flyers or possibly ads with coupons in the local paper? How about those “deck pack” type mailers that are postcard sized ads in a package with a bunch of other businesses? What kind of ROI are you or have you experienced on those? Has it been adequate or really worthwhile? How about radio advertising… ever tried any of that? At one time and still today in some instances, email marketing works well but, response rates are dramatically falling off utilizing that method because people are inundated with emails every day and a good majority of it goes to the junk folder. So, what are you doing to capture a greater slice of the available customers out there? Keep reading!Do you have a cell phone? Does it have text messaging capabilities? If so, you are with a great majority of those carrying these pocket size communication tools with them every day and every where they go. Think about that for a minute… if you were to receive a text message right now, would you stop reading this article and check to see who is texting you? Of course you would! Think about that for a second… the reason you’d grab your phone is the exact reason, as a business owner, you need to discover more about the POWER of this one-on-one marketing.Recent Jupiter Research Shows93% of text messages are read within 15 minutes30% of consumers welcome coupons and offers sent to their cell phones20% response rates (some as high as 70%)22% of all recipients forward messages to friendsSo, let me just wrap this up by saying that the statistics are compelling and you absolutely need to check into all the benefits, and increased sales, from SMS mobile text marketing. This is the most cost effective marketing method that can be created, sent and analyzed very easily from your desktop. Quite simply, people subscribe because they like your products or services and they asking you to provide them with promotions and offers. And, as all phones with video capability become more prevalent you can expect more rich media cell phone marketing options. The future of direct marketing is already in your customers hands so why not capitalize on it before your competition does.

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Business Marketing – Direct Mail Publishing Tips to Developing Your Own Publishing Enterprise

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You suddenly become aware, of the possibility that come over you when you think of direct mail publishing, business marketing. With the phenomenon of world wide money getting, the possibilities are endless..It excites you thinking of waking up and going about your daily routine, and suddenly the door bell rings it’s your mail man he has a huge bag crammed full of mail with your name on it.You quickly invite him in and have him drop the mail on the floor, sign the acceptance form and quickly shut the door behind him. You rush back to the thousands of letters that are on your living room floor and start opening them one by one to realize that they are all full of checks, money orders, cashier checks, and even cash, all sighed to YOU.This is what it is like running a profitable marketing business, AKA direct mail order enterprise (self publishing) from the comfort of your own home.I recall dreaming night after night about the possibilities of staying home and self publishing, I thought of it as a money getting phenomenon marketing my business using direct mail to make thousands of dollars.Here’s are some tips & tactics on how you can excel at developing your business – marketing direct enterprise:1- Develop your own sales letter copy, the ideal set of sales literature contains a sales letter, a sales circular that further describes the item. There must be an order coupon on the sales page or circular. There are various companies to make use of print services, flyers, sales letters, post cards, self-mailers, business cards ext,2- Pricing the product, self publishing can be started with very little money. $375 can get you started in self publishing almost instantly, (That is only about $1 per day over a year!) Compare this small amount to that of opening your own retail store with requirements of $25,000 to $100,000!3- Marketing, is the most important aspect of any business. If you do not market a product correctly, you will never make any money. If the type of marketing you are going to be using is direct mail publishing. In this case you will need a list of opportunity seekers, or an e-mail list to mail your offer to if you have one.4- Renting a mailing list, is the first step in direct mail. Renting a mailing list consists of sending a letter & payment to a -list broker. The broker will need to know the quantity of names you wish to rent, you will need to ask for a list of (opportunity seekers).5- List building is the epitome of marketing, If you dont have a mailing list no one will see your offer. And no sales will take place, Ezine marketing is a great way to build an email list this can be just as effective as direct mail publishing.The dream of self publishing is not just a dream but a reality. The truth is we live in the information age, self publishing can be very lucrative and pays more then the mind can imagine. What one can think and imagine can be put into action. Would you like to know how I build my direct mail publishing enterprise using ezine article marketing? Discover your inner talent.

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