Best Accessories To Buy From Surf Shops Near Me

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Surfers that are at least decent would have a lot of stuff to tell about the complexity of surfing. How high do the waves look like? What kind of waves are they? Leash or no leash? Am I waxed?

Of course, all those are the fundamentals in surfing, and a must-learn and must-have for any surfer out there. But there is an entirely new domain of surfing products that tread the line between totally unnecessary and absolutely worth the money. Surfing accessories are not really necessary to have for every surfer, but having some of then would really make surfing a much more enjoyable experience. Here are the following accessories you could get in the local surf shops near me.

This first one is for the more daring of surfers. The most popular camera used has got to be GoPros. Cameras help you capture the perfect moments you have while surfing, allowing you to share these moments with others in the world.

Changing Mat
If you’re sick of changing out of your wetsuit in the dirty beach parking lots, or maybe you just don’t like sand getting on your clothes when you change, maybe a changing mat is the right product for you. You can simply change using this, and put your wet clothes in a bag without worrying about getting other stuff soaking wet.

As what many surfers would tell you, surfing isn’t just about the activity of riding the waves. Surfing is a lifestyle. Surfing lifestyle is emanating a chill and stylish vibe wherever you go, and what better way to capture that vibe with a pair of stylish Smith sunglasses. With a shape and color that can match almost any occasion and place for surfers like you, Smith sunglasses communicate that you are always in chill mode.

Wetsuit Dryer
Cleaning your wetsuit can be an arduous task. You’d have to hang it, and wash hose it down to remove the salt and grime before letting it dry complexly. Wetsuit hangers help make this process easier. Some hangers have built-in portable fans, which can really speed up the drying process.
Tide and surf watches are there to help you keep track of the time, as well as give you the latest ocean metrics to keep you updated with the tides.

Surf wax gets you a better grip onto your board. Nobody wants to slip up on a perfectly good wave run, so having a spare surf wax is just as important as having the board itself. Get yourself one from surf shops near me.

Losing your board in the water can cause injuries to you or to others. Having a durable leash ensures that that doesn’t happen. Safety should still be a number one priority for surfers.

Fin Puller
Fin pullers make it so that removing your board’s fins is safe for both you and your fin boxes. Fin pullers work with virtually any fin system out there.

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Could the electric tuk-tuk be the way forward for Sri Lanka?

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The noise and pollution emitted from the tuk-tuk are becoming more of a problem with every passing day, and an electric tuk-tuk would be much better suited to use in Sri Lanka because it doesn’t produce any emissions which will help reduce the environmental impact of this vehicle.

The electric tuk-tuk would be perfect for Sri Lanka because it does not produce any emissions which helps protect the environment from damage by cars, trucks or motorcycles on our roads. This is a very large problem in the country as there are thousands of tuk-tuks being used each day and they all release lots of pollution into the air around us. The noise that these vehicles make can also disturb people living nearby if their homes are located directly near busy roads but with an electric tuk-tuk this would no longer be an issue either. Electric tuk tuks will create much less noise than petrol powered ones due to them having zero engine sound when working properly so you could see many more residents choosing to opt for a convenient and economical vehicle like a tuk-tuk rather than a more traditional petrol car.

If you think accessories for electric tuk tuks may be a problem, then don’t worry. If these types of vehicles ever make their way to Sri Lanka, then there will certainly be suppliers and vendors who will get down the right spare parts and accessories and have them available for users. You will even be able to get these accessories such as tyres online making it more convenient. Even currently there are so many suppliers of three-wheel tyres online in Sri Lanka, and it will not be any different if electric vehicles come to stay.

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Visit A Snowboard Shop For Snowboarding And Surfing Gear

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Surfing came first, with ancient Polynesians riding the waves way back on giant wooden logs. It wasn’t until the late 1960s and early ‘70s that snowboarding was invented and gained traction in the world of sports. In a way, surfing was the grandfather of snowboarding.

These two sports have a few in common, being that they both are board sports. Here is a list showing some of their similarities.

Both sports require the riders to stand sideways atop the boards.
Both sports are fun but also dangerous.
Because of the danger associated with both sports, they are both dubbed extreme sports.
Waxing on the boards. Both sports require wax to be applied to their boards. Snowboards need them on the bottom to improve glide, while surfboards on top to help surfers gain traction.
Nature sports. Both sports allow you to bond with nature a little bit more.
Fitness level. Both sports are physically and mentally demanding, which makes them incredible exercise activities.
Lastly, both use boards. And boards from both sports can easily be bought from nearby a nearby surf shop or snowboard shop.

Both sports have plenty of differences too. Here are some of them.

Foot freedom. Snowboarding straps your feet to the board, while surfing completely frees the feet.
Starting stance. In surfing, one starts lying down and paddling and eventually moving to stand up. In snowboarding, you start standing up.
The most obvious contrast between the two sports is the terrain. Snowboarding is done on mountain slopes while surfing is performed in the ocean.
This is usually what makes surfers transition to snowboarding. Snowboarders tend to put their weight on the front foot. Surfers are generally more back footed.
There are a lot of people that would say that surfing is a lifestyle. It’s hard to find people that say that to snowboarding. In the surfing lifestyle, chill is the name of the game. You could show up to the beach wearing only your Billabong swim wear and everybody is cool with it.
Which is more FUN between the two?

Comparing snowboarding and surfing is comparing apples to oranges. It really just depends on what the person’s preferences are. They could like the cold mountains better than the hot beach atmosphere. Or maybe they like the wearing Billabong swim wear more than they like thick gloves and jackets. This debate could be incredibly biased is really delved deeply into. For example, a person can get really attached to snowboarding simply because he likes the board designs available in the local snowboard shop.

Both are extremely fun activities on their own. But since both sports rely on a number of natural factors to be enjoyable, they are subject to occasional more “FUN” days than others.

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Top 2 Things to Consider for Your Chiropractic Marketing

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You can promote your chiropractic business in various ways. One of the marketing channels that you should use to promote your chiropractic business is the internet. To have a successful internet chiropractic marketing campaign, please consider the following things:

Always consider PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising.

PPC is an internet advertising method developed by Google. By attaching your advertisement a certain term, Google will present your ad when a person searches for that term or keyword. When a person searches for that term or key word, the search results will present your ad on a website. If the person clicks the ad, that’s when a fee is generated for the website owner. Payment are only made for every click so if your advertisement had zero clicks, it means zero marketing expenses on your part. This set up ensures that both party benefits from PPC advertising.

Email marketing should be an option too.

Email marketing is the internet version of direct marketing. It is important for you to consider email marketing since it is a powerful tool to promote your chiropractic business. Compared with direct marketing, you can reach more target customers since you can sent out millions of emails instantly. It is also cheaper than direct marketing since all you need is a computer and an internet connection. The only downside of this marketing strategy is that your email blast might be casted as spam or unwanted email by email users.

Keep in mind the discussed information above. You can use them as options to market your chiropractic practice in the future.

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Outbound or Inbound Marketing – Which Is Right for Your Business?

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With mostly all businesses using the internet and social media for marketing it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the competition. With search engines changing their algorithms so often, new social media sites launching, it’s difficult to stay ahead of it all. In short, internet marketing is no longer the easiest or quickest way and has its own set of pitfalls to understand before diving into it. Under these circumstances, the major question in the minds of internet marketers today is which will provide my business with the highest return on investment – outbound or inbound? And the answer to this question basically lies in understanding what each means, their differences and scope.

Understanding inbound and outbound marketing
Outbound marketing is traditional marketing, where businesses use various means to target their customers. These may include direct mail, organizing events, conferences, seminars, advertising, trade shows and making cold calls.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is where the business uses ways, means and techniques to increase the page rankings of their website – generally using the internet. This could be done through building a variety of links, which lead back to their website, instead of actively pursuing customers and other target audiences.

Scope of each type of marketing
According to a survey conducted, it was found that nearly 44 percent of the people did not open direct mail sent via the post office. Further, nearly 86 percent of the population did not sit through television ads/commercials. On the other hand, inbound marketing generated more organic traffic to the website while also keeping costs down. Keeping these facts in mind, it can be easily deciphered that outbound marketing has a lesser scope of being effective than inbound marketing. Additionally, the scope of outbound marketing is further restricted because it does not believe in creating and nurturing a direct contact with the customer. Further, traditional outbound marketing usually costs more and requires a higher investment than inbound marketing.

Which is the better of the two?
Given the vast differences between the two types of marketing, the question regarding which is more suitable for your business is of great concern when choosing where best to spending marketing dollars that generate revenue. However, it is not possible to truly state one as being better than the other. This is largely because marketing is an ongoing aspect of a business, and ideally businesses should base their decision on their situations, strategies, budget, current marketing trends and several other factors.

Businesses should fully understand their own business processes and the scope of their business before deciding which strategy to adopt and implement. This should be supplemented with details regarding the target audience in question, budgetary constraints and time limits as well as the overall goals of the business. However, despite this situation, it is clearly obvious that inbound marketing is definitely a trend that is here to stay for quite some time. However, these rules need to be changed and refined ongoing depending on the situation. With the rules regarding how you indulge in inbound marketing becoming more specific, it is important to adhere to it for maximum impact.

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Email Marketing – Generating High Quality Leads

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Email marketing is a type of marketing discipline, called direct marketing that uses email to communicate any form of advertisements or money-making messages directly to an audience without the use of intervening media. The purpose of email marketing is to focus on driving consumers to purchase your product which can be attributed to a specific call to action such as calling your phone number, visiting your website or reading your article. It is one of the biggest essentials in generating profits for your online business if you do it right. Here are some things to remember that may help:

  1. People who buy products on the Internet generally base their decisions on emotion. What every good Internet marketer knows is that you want to break all the barriers first, all those walls between you and the buyer and come in under the radar. You want to come in as a friend, extend a helping hand and help them get what they are looking for.
  2. Give more content and more information – in your email or in your autoresponder. Your purpose is to give people what they want before they got into your webpage.
  3. When you convey your information, write it in a friendly way and not in a business standpoint of view. Write it in a friendly tone as if you are having a conversation with someone to get your reader interested, because in this day and age where people typically get about a hundred messages a day, you would not want your message to go directly to the junk folder or spam folder.
  4. Don’t sell them directly into your business on your first email, particularly if they just opted in. Give them free content, free information so they’ll keep coming back to your website until you somehow build a friendly relationship with your readers or followers, if you may. People are interested in results and you want to relate in such a way that they can think about those results happening to them too. That’s the real deal. People want those same results they read about and if you can convey it to them like that, they will start looking at things differently.
  5. If you are just starting with email marketing, here are a few tips. Search out people who you want to emulate – people who are good at what you are trying to get good at, which is email marketing. Subscribe to their list and save every email you get from them. Study their style, analyze how they write their subject lines and letters, how they get people to take the action and you’ll be surprised how much information you could get out of other people’s stuff. They don’t necessarily have to be a part of your market. Just look at how they structure their emails because that’s what you’re really interested in. So the next time you want to write an email or an ad campaign and you’re really not sure or don’t have an idea what to do, just open up those emails that you saved, look at the structure and how they lead into things and you’ll get a bunch of information that you can follow or use as a guide.

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Death of Traditional Autoship in Network Marketing Companies

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Death of Traditional Autoship in Network Marketing Companies If you have been operating a network marketing business for more than 3 months, I do not have to tell you that there is a thing called autoship.

Most traditional network marketing companies require their distributors to sign up for it. This means that in order for you to be in a position to earn money marketing that company’s products, the distributor must purchase a set minimum dollar amount of the company’s products each month.

In return for participating in autoship, you usually gain some advantage. It may be reduced pricing on the products that you buy. Network marketing is not the only business model that uses automatic shipping or automatic purchasing of products. Any recurring bill is a form of autoship. Cellular service, auto insurance or any other product or service you regularly receive and pay for can be considered autoship.

It is a double edged sword within the network marketing framework. The theory is that you are purchasing products that you are getting good value from. However, in some cases you end up paying a very high price for something that you could get for a much lower price. For instance, MonaVie requires their distributor to purchase a quantity of bottles of juice that retail for about $40.00 but depending on how much you buy, the price could drop. However even with the volume discounts, Men’s Health did a study of Mona Vie and found that their juice did not provide any more nutritional value than a bottle of Welch’s grape juice. Hardly a good value.

How does all of this shape up for a person running a network marketing company? In essence their challenge is to create enough cash flow to break even on any start up costs and cover their monthly expenses which would include their required monthly product purchase. This can easily extend into hundreds of dollars each and every month before any income is realized. There are new companies cropping up whose business model does not eliminate autoship, but it structures the compensation in a way that allows what amounts to the same thing, to be paid from earned income.

One such company is call MPB Today. A simplified explanation of their compensation and autoship model is such that you are required to make 2 sales and help each of them make two sales. At that point you would cycle. What happens then is you receive $500.00. This is $125.00 from each person on your second line. The company will then pay you $300.00 and take $200.00 toward the purchase of your next product. If you do not cycle, you are not required to make a purchase to stay in the game.

There is no pain involved with this. You will not find yourself going into debt, or using your savings to maintain your business autoship.

Another company that is approaching autoship from a different direction is Infinity Downline. This company offers access to a library of audio and video training resources for popular software titles as well as general network marketing. There is a traditional monthly product purchase involved but it is only $25.00 and the business owner breaks even on their first sale because there are no admin fees ever. All sales are paid directly to the business owner by the consumer. This puts you in profit by your third sale. This is because there is a 2 up feature wherein the system automatically pays your 2nd and 4th sales to your sponsor. All subsequent sales are paid directly from consumer to sponsor.

As more people become disillusioned with autoship, which is a major reason why the average network marketer only lasts about 65 days. Two monthly recurring orders without any monthly income signals that it is time to quit.

The market place always has a strong influence of the direction of business. As more people tune in to network marketing only to find that they do not like having an additional monthly expense in addition to the other costs of doing business, more companies like these will begin popping up.

I believe this is signaling the death of traditional autoship in network marketing companies.

Of course the second most obvious reason for failure in the industry is lack of marketing skills. Anyone involved or considering getting involved in this industry should seek marketing training first then decide on a company or product. After all, network marketing is a marketing business and friends and family will not be enough to support your business.

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Direct Mail Lives!

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BREAKING NEWS! More than 60% of Consumers WANT Direct Mail!

Would you believe more than 60% of people surveyed actually want to see mail in their mailbox (and I mean their postal mailbox, not their email inbox!)

Yes. Epsilon did it again.

They surveyed Americans and Canadians (2012 Channel Preference Study) to find out if they still love direct mail. And the resounding answer is YES!

To quote their latest report, “direct mail is the preferred channel for U.S. and Canadian consumers to receive brand communications in nearly every product and service category including financial services, insurance, general health, cleaning products, food and charitable causes. ”

It seems the force moving people to their mailbox is privacy. People simply do not trust the exchange of personal information – such as financial or health details – in an email.

Example: 42% of U.S. consumers and 39% of Canadian consumers say direct mail is their “channel of preference” for sensitive health information

Example: 36% of U.S. consumers and 35% of Canadian consumers say direct mail is the “channel of preference” for insurance information. 39% and 38% respectively say the same for financial services information, and 26% and 20% respectively say the same for Retail information.

And these people really do enjoy going to the mailbox every day to see your envelope:

62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians say they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail;
51% of U.S. consumers and 49% of Canadian consumers say they pay more attention to postal mail than email;
73% of U.S. consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read the information at their convenience.

Not only do they enjoy getting direct mail, but they actually open and read it. Because they sure aren’t opening those emails (73% of Americans and 62% of Canadians said they receive a lot of emails that they simply do not open.

Consumers want a dialogue, a way to express their needs and interests, and they see direct mail as a more trustworthy method of expressing their desires.

So, if you are not in the mail, you have to ask yourself one question: Why are you ignoring the preferred medium of more than 60% of your prospective customers?

Oh, and if someone recently tried to sell you on the amazing value of a QR code, look at these numbers: 3% of U.S. consumers and 3% of Canadian consumers use mobile QR codes.

So you decide: do you want to reach prospects and customers with a code they do not use, or through an email they do not open, or through a direct mail campaign they trust and eagerly wait for every day?

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Use These Mobile Marketing Plans To Grow Your Company

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Mobile marketing is one of the newest types of marketing, yet it actually incorporates elements of some of the oldest and well proven methods. Many of the same rules that apply to other kinds of marketing will apply to mobile marketing too. However, there are some noteworthy differences. This article presents some solid advice on getting the best from this brilliant advertising medium.

Do not forget to use SEO with your sites that are designed for your mobile users. Since most mobile search is done through Google, that is the perfect starting point for your mobile SEO efforts.

Keep your messages short and easy to understand in your mobile marketing efforts. Having tons of content will only serve to frustrate your customers, so keep your writing to a minimum. Mobile marketing success can best be achieved when you keep your content clean and geared towards the sales.

Work to understand your customers. You should understand what your customers need and use that premise as your basic mobile marketing advertisement. If you can’t figure out what your customer wants, you’re not going to be able to increase your business with them. Therefore, when you first meet a customer, you should try to find out exactly what they are looking for.

When you call or text someone, remember to personalize it and treat the person at the end of the phone with respect. Try to be respectful of the individual you are contacting.

Be relevant. Do not get so wrapped up in the excitement of utilizing mobile marketing that you forget that a purpose must be involved. You want to ensure that all of your information is something that your customers (and prospective clients) will find useful. If you keep your customers happy, they will keep you happy.

Always remember to implement a marketing strategy that is user friendly and simple. Filling out a form is easy to do on a computer but can quickly become annoying on a smaller screen of a smartphone. For the benefit of your readers, make your mailing list sign-up as simple and efficient as possible.

You might already be aware of the option of offering free apps to clients, but you might not realize that it’s also quite easy to make the applications yourself When your business offers a specialized app, your mobile marketing efforts will really take off. There are a number of different features you can offer with your app.

You will obtain more customers by placing maps and directions on your website that can be used by mobile devices. Easy accessibility can be the extra push that makes a customer in the vicinity choose your business over competitors.

Minimize the number of offers you send in a week. Research shows that the best redemption rates came from offers sent from between once a week and twice a month. If you do this customers will think that they may miss out if they don’t go ahead and visit your page. They won’t buy anything if they think a better deal is coming up.

Purchase dedicated short codes rather than sharing them. Although, it can be costly, it is linked to your company brand. People will start to associate your short code with your brand. The price is more than justified because it allows you to sidestep costly legal battles. If code sharing companies abuse the system, you might get into trouble as well.

Be sure that you test your sites usability across different dynamics. It’s important to be certain that your recipients can to see the content you have sent. Limit your testing over specific devices and set up a testing account where you can ensure they are coming through correctly. You can have employees, family or friends be your testing group.

If you plan on adding SMS to go along with your mobile marketing, be sure that you are honest about how many texts you will be sending out, and that you are set up with an opt-in mechanism. If SMS messages are done improperly it can harm your business because of the close tie-in with the notification system of the mobile device. You can create a privacy issue. Make sure to avoid this by letting your customers choose if they want to receive any SMS marketing adds from you, and let them know exactly how many texts they will get. If you are honest, customers will trust you and your brand.

When starting out with mobile marketing you should only launch one campaign at a time to determine what approaches are most successful. You should measure your campaign success by its effectiveness over a long period of time, rather by the sales it generates. Follow the formula for a long-term successful campaign to build a new one.

Make sure any directions on your site are smartphone ready. It is becoming more common for people to use their mobiles to find directions. Make your business easy to find. Check to be certain your maps look nice and clear on all mobile devices and turn up easily when a mobile search is conducted. Include a link to the Google Maps website for accurate directions.

Mobile marketing can be a great way to expand your business, but it can also turn off potential customers if you aren’t careful. With what you learned today you should formulate your new and unique strategy when it comes to mobile marketing. By doing so, you are sure to attract additional clientele and generate new profits.

Hello, my name is Logan Brinsmead and I reside in Sydney, Australia. Years ago I realized that the world needed some form of alternative fuel, other then coal–>oil–>petrol. My concerns were to do with the environment and the condition of our planet, our children’s home in years to come. I started making a website to promote my understanding of where we were headed if no one bothered to care or say anything about our treatment of this wonderful ball we call Earth. During this time I discovered many things about how things worked with the Internet Marketing world. So much so that I built up enough knowledge to be able to pass it on to benefit others that are looking into Internet Marketing.

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The Great Sales Secrets in Network Marketing That Your Up-Line Will Never Teach You

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After a year of struggling with my network marketing venture I began to look for advice and ideas that I could implement into my failing business. My search took me on a journey that spanned subjects like, buying leads, generating leads, hard selling, affiliate marketing and many more ideas that I was blissfully unaware of.

Like any new business owner the first year is always the toughest and as a result the failure rate is enormous. Network marketing is no different, in fact you might argue that the MLM industry has a much greater failure rate. It is estimated that the network marketing industry has a 97% failure rate! This is an unbelievable statistic. Why does this industry, one that is promoted as being a business that anyone can become successful in have such a high attrition rate? What is broken about this industry? Lets face it what other business would tolerate an 97% failure rate? I think the answers to these questions are quite simple.

1) People are led to believe that you can start a new business with very little start up costs and no experience in running their own business and become successful almost overnight. This I’m afraid is a fallacy.

2) New distributors are led to believe that the entire business is built through personal recommendation and word of mouth advertising. This again is another lie that is deep rooted within this industry.

Let me talk about example 1. In the MLM business model we are all taught very early on that we should speak to anyone and everyone, it is one of the most appealing aspects to the new distributor, the fact that if they simply go out and talk to people their business will one day reach a point where it takes on a life of its own and bring them ever closer to that much sought after residual income. Unfortunately most if the time this never happens, you see this business is not for anyone and everyone. Prior knowledge of business is definitely something I look for in a new recruit. An understanding of sales and the processes involved are also something that can really help.

If one person gains financially from a recommendation they lose the stance of simply recommending, in the eyes of the consumer you are telling them that the product is good for your own gains. So you can no longer consider your self to be simply recommending products. New distributors have to learn very quickly how to “sell.” Now for anyone already involved in network marketing when is the last time your up-line did a training on sales? My guess is probably never. What happens next is new distributors get left to their own devices, they spam Facebook pages and talk to people as though they are possessed. This immediately turns people off and makes the whole sales process frightful.

Direct selling which is how all network marketing companies distribute their products can be quite different to retail sales, you see as a retail sales person people are coming to you, they visit the shop you are presiding in, therefore they are already halfway towards purchasing. Now in direct sales, people quite often take the direct method of approaching people and fail miserably. What is very important when dealing with direct sales is how you talk to people, listening to what their needs are and learning how to solve the problems that the customer has.This can be the best lesson you ever learn.

People do not like being sold things, but they love to buy. This concept once mastered can transform you business forever. If you can learn to shut your mouth and open your ears, the whole sales process can become one that is very enjoyable. You become known as an expert or consultant rather than a pushy salesperson. Learn how to open up conversations with people rather than being a walking talking advert. Follow these simple rules and you will find your business both more profitable and more enjoyable. Good luck in your future endeavours and remember that the most successful people in the world are the ones who have also failed the most!

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