How to Avoid the Direct Marketing/ Lead Generation Spammers and Resellers

When we’re told as children that this country holds something special for all of us who seek its features and benefits, we believe that this is something shared by all entrepreneurial spirited humans alike. We aren’t told that our best friends and neighbors, and best friends neighbors who have “the hook up” for whatever it is they catch wind of, within our immediate NEEDS, is going to gouge us for the sake of the sales justification that exists currently.

The almighty profit is earned at another’s expense.. Okay, we get that, and we understand that it’s not the “intentions of the design” to strip us from our life’s necessities, but it will… It is.

This is the age of quarrel according to Hindu Mythology and it’s not for lack of a better term. The economic uncertainty is looming and the last lone ranger from the financial frontier is being schnooked out of our countries promise of a better financial future for a quick penny or two, but a long lasting redirect on the ability to flip a futuristic buck.

If you are sitting in Starbucks reading this article, drinking some triple shot latte, and talking to someone who’s trying to sell you marketing leads for your financial service firm, your first line of defense is to look around the room for someone in the store, sitting at a laptop (free internet), and also on the phone, talking to a marketing buyer. If the “lead generation firm” you’re considering ordering from doesn’t have a physical location advertised on every page of their website, chances are you’re talking to a crooked reseller who’s unable to do right by you.

It’s known that more than 50% of the current direct marketing business is owned and operated as a one man band. The sales, operations, creatives, and tracking is all supposedly handled by one person, and this one person would have to be the Son of God in order to provide any benefit to anyone buying his/ her leads. To be honest, I used to know someone like this, he called himself my friend, and I returned the gesture. All until the day I realized he had stolen my debit card to run his “stolen” website on adwords, in an attempt to make up for the fact he couldn’t keep a client reordering for more than 3 weeks before they realized he had nothing of value to offer. All he had was an excel list of around a million homeowners, and he cleverly crafted it into what appeared to be internet leads, both “real-time” and “aged” to generate the revenue of a normal sale in lead generation, but he wasn’t encumbered by the hard costs of fulfillment in lead generation.

I didn’t know what a scum bag was until I realized this business model for it’s entirety and thank God he stole my card because I may never have questioned what he did, and may have always thought of the direct marketing business as a legit business filled with professionals who study trends and analyze reports until they’re blue in the face. Realizing now, for more than 50% of this lead generation sector, This Is Totally UN-TRUE!

Well, to be honest, I since have taken up residence in the direct marketing space, but for the reason of the limitless amounts of space available.. It’s honestly harder to find a legitimate company that operates out of a real office building, with 10+ employees, than it is to find someone who’s going to sell you bunk leads from an excel data file, even in today’s climate.

I wish you all the best of luck when shopping for a direct marketing company to partner up with and buy leads from.. Remember, it takes an extremely creative mind to generate interest in an offer. Leads are not easy to originate, and great leads are that much harder. If you need an honest opinion about the company who’s proposing you the offer that’s too good to be true, I’d suggest you reach out to and validate your parking ticket, because you’ll be here a while.

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