Direct Mail Lives!

BREAKING NEWS! More than 60% of Consumers WANT Direct Mail!

Would you believe more than 60% of people surveyed actually want to see mail in their mailbox (and I mean their postal mailbox, not their email inbox!)

Yes. Epsilon did it again.

They surveyed Americans and Canadians (2012 Channel Preference Study) to find out if they still love direct mail. And the resounding answer is YES!

To quote their latest report, “direct mail is the preferred channel for U.S. and Canadian consumers to receive brand communications in nearly every product and service category including financial services, insurance, general health, cleaning products, food and charitable causes. ”

It seems the force moving people to their mailbox is privacy. People simply do not trust the exchange of personal information – such as financial or health details – in an email.

Example: 42% of U.S. consumers and 39% of Canadian consumers say direct mail is their “channel of preference” for sensitive health information

Example: 36% of U.S. consumers and 35% of Canadian consumers say direct mail is the “channel of preference” for insurance information. 39% and 38% respectively say the same for financial services information, and 26% and 20% respectively say the same for Retail information.

And these people really do enjoy going to the mailbox every day to see your envelope:

62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians say they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail;
51% of U.S. consumers and 49% of Canadian consumers say they pay more attention to postal mail than email;
73% of U.S. consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read the information at their convenience.

Not only do they enjoy getting direct mail, but they actually open and read it. Because they sure aren’t opening those emails (73% of Americans and 62% of Canadians said they receive a lot of emails that they simply do not open.

Consumers want a dialogue, a way to express their needs and interests, and they see direct mail as a more trustworthy method of expressing their desires.

So, if you are not in the mail, you have to ask yourself one question: Why are you ignoring the preferred medium of more than 60% of your prospective customers?

Oh, and if someone recently tried to sell you on the amazing value of a QR code, look at these numbers: 3% of U.S. consumers and 3% of Canadian consumers use mobile QR codes.

So you decide: do you want to reach prospects and customers with a code they do not use, or through an email they do not open, or through a direct mail campaign they trust and eagerly wait for every day?

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