Daily Online Network Marketing Tips

While I am certainly not one to “poo poo” the idea of building offline (that’s how I built my business for years) there is nothing like the internet. The possibility of tapping into millions upon millions of people all day every day, oooh the possibilities are endless!Here’s a few tips to bring you out of the “dark ages” and into the modern times of prospecting your way to a successful Online Network Marketing business.Tip #1: Generate Leads
Buying generic MLM leads from companies is a quick way to go BROKE. Why? Because they are not targeted to you or your opportunity, they are overpriced, and without the highest level of prospecting and closing skills – good luck in trying to close them.In this new economy, what we’re seeing with leads is that many of these $5-10 fresh leads are actually just looking for a job. What a great way to waste an afternoon, trying to pitch someone who has a “job” mentality to invest a few hundred or a few thousand into a business. Conversion is very low and duplication is next to nill.Tip #2: Funneled Campaign
Once you start generating leads through content and advertising, you’ll want a back end campaign set up where you leads can be funneled into. Imagine for the rest of time, you have an interested, qualified prospect that you can repeatedly build a relationship with!Tip #3: Auto-responder
An email marketing software like GetResponse or Aweber allows you to leverage time and energy by communicating with thousands of leads all at once via email. Every successful Online Network Marketing professional utilizes an autoresponder.Tip #4: Laser Focused Target Market
Know who your real market is, and without a doubt: market directly to the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Meaning: Don’t sell cosmetics to football players!Once you’ve taken these four tips, your eyes should be opened to the infinite possibilities you have within an Online Network Marketing enterprise. Build a streamlined, easy to duplicate funnel that pulls leads out of the masses and drops them dead center into your marketing campaign. You can control and feed them the information for the rest of time…Which is like building a straight path to domination in your company’s compensation plan!

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