3 Ways Your Direct Marketing Efforts Will Skyrocket With a Direct Marketing Services Company

If you sell your products via email, direct mail or telemarketing, then you will want to look into direct marketing services companies because they can significantly increase your sales. These companies can help your company to persuade your prospects to buy your product, support a charitable cause or organization, or agree to a demonstration in their home.

Direct Mail

For decades the most popular kind of direct marketing has been direct mail. Direct mail pieces motivate your prospects to do what you want by combining engaging copy, high quality printing, and compelling images, with an intriguing offer.

One of the keys to the success of a direct mail marketing campaign is being able to design a mailer that will get opened. Knowledgeable direct marketing services companies will hire professional designers, printers, copywriters, and photographers to ensure that your piece has the highest probability of being opened, read, and acted upon.

Here’s an example of how it might be done.

A pizza chain features a photograph of a slice of mouth-watering pizza, dripping with cheese and topped with succulent morsels. They include a discount coupon for you to give to your local pizzeria or to the delivery person when he brings your pizza pie to your doorstep.


You can use a direct marketing services company to train your telemarketers to effectively present your prospects to market anything from high school photos to vacuum cleaners. Interestingly, the goal of most telemarketing efforts is not to make a sale.

Instead you will want your telemarketers aim to make an appointment for your sales team to make an in home presentation.

Direct marketing services agencies usually develop effective scripts that are not hard sell sales pitches. The heart of many of these scripts is to offer the consumer a discount on a product or service.

Telemarketers might engage people by using a quiz or asking them to answer a few simple questions that could result in their winning a gift.

Your telemarketers will be more effective and will have fewer hang ups if are trained to deliver well written scripts that offer some kind of a monetary incentive to the prospects on your list. Often the most effective lists are those that include people who have bought a similar product in the past. A direct marketing services company will help you to get these lists.

Email Marketing

A relatively new strategy for targeting direct promotions is email marketing. Today almost every one of your prospects owns a computer and gets email. A permission based email campaign will allow you to send multiple messages to your email lists. It’s one of the lowest cost methods of instantly keeping your customers and prospects informed about pricing, sales, and new products.

One of the great things about email marketing is that you can have instantaneous feedback You can include surveys, contests, and actually ask your customers what type of product they would want your company to make. How much do you thing information like that can increase your bottom line?

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